What does it mean to be TaylorMade? One of a kind. And The Youths Hero Jarell Taylor is the perfect example. Facing homelessness and growing up in poverty, Jarell refused to let his circumstances define who he would become. In fact, instead of using his environment as an excuse, it was the main fuel to his fire.


Realizing the power of leadership, personal, and professional development, and how it impacted his life, Jarell created Taylor Made Speaking with three goals in mind. Keep God first, his family second, and spend the rest of his life teaching what he wishes he would've known to develop future leaders.


Who We Are

A consulting business that provides leadership, personal, and professional development to staff and students 

What we do

We provide leadership, personal, and professional development programs, products, and services to develop Taylor Made school graduates

Our Mission

The mission of Taylor Made Speaking is to develop future leaders by pushing them to finish school, enter the work force, and own a business.